Billie Pate was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and lives and works in Los Angeles, California, USA and Barcelona, Spain. She holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, USA, and she is currently a Master of Fine Art (MFA) candidate in Art and Technology Studies (ATS) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in Chicago, IL, USA. Her entire career has been focused on the intersections of art and technology. She creates innovative art installations utilizing emerging technologies, employing a wide array of media and artistic approaches to lead us into a world where time, space and reality are fluid concepts.

Pate’s latest work, Sound and Vision, is a series of site-specific mixed reality earthworks that explore our perception of the true nature of reality. Making use of the latest augmented and mixed reality technologies, Pate has created audio visual installations at selected sites around the world; Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Kyoto, London, Barcelona, and Nice. Each installation is an earthwork that offers a unique experience for the viewer by augmenting the natural environment with visual art and sound art. These works provoke the viewer to have a new, altered experience of reality by linking the physical and ephemeral in a transformative sensory experience.

Pate’s body of work ranges from digital art, interactive art, light art, immersive experiences, projection mappings, sculptural architecture, app art, net art, data art, data visualizations, and even virtual, augmented and mixed realities. Her work has been commissioned by numerous boutique advertising agencies specializing in experiential design and marketing, award-winning stage designers for high-profile pop artists and events, couture fashion designers for runway shows, and other fine artists and art collectives interested in producing cross-disciplinary artworks.

Pate has been included in various prestigious exhibitions including Ars Electronica in Vienna, Austria, Sónar at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, Spain and Art Basel Miami Beach in Miami Beach, FL, USA.